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About Us

At Bikeship, we can come to your assistance if you need to transport a motorcycle in the UK or overseas. We have been helping people save money without compromising on quality for many years and are passionate about delivering the best possible value. We enable you to get quotes from leading companies and couriers in a convenient centralised location. You can make the most of our services by looking for quotes and arranging transportation a couple of weeks before your vehicle needs to reach its destination.


Our couriers and motorcycle transportation partners normally provide the option of open and enclosed delivery. The open option tends to be more affordable but will leave the vehicle exposed to the elements as it is transported. Many customers opt for the enclosed option to avoid damage, especially those transporting high-value vehicles. When you use our service to find motorcycle delivery quotes, you can save a great deal of time. You won’t need to spend hour after hour on the phone comparing prices and will see a range of quotes on your screen within just moments. We only work with the most reputable transportation companies and couriers in the business, so proceed with confidence.


  • Experienced Team of Professionals.
  • Delivery in a short span of time.
  • Enhanced working experience.
  • Highly secured measures to deliver shipment.
  • Appropriate Handling of items. 

For the business holders who deal with transportation and logistics Bikeship is again an efficient platform to portray the business to the customers in a significant manner. By analyzing the shipment requirement and route the business holders can accordingly bid on these shipment and can avail the best deals with appropriate prices. With the advanced search tool of the business holders are able to find the best suited shipment requirement matching to their routes and hence Bikeship provides a win-win situation to both customers and freight companies.


For Customers 

Do you charge me anything?
No its completely free to post a request

How do I choose a motorcycle transporter?
This is down to personal preference, you can also take a look at the transporters feedback.

How long do I have to wait for bids?
Transporters usually bid very quick, you won't have to wait long. 

For Transporters 

What are the costs for bidding?
We offer a free trial for new members. You can then subscribe to bid on requests, this is a monthly subscription which you can cancel at anytime.

Is there any commission to pay?
There is no commission to pay what so ever.