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How Much Does Motorcycle Transport Cost in the UK

Posted on - Jun 06,2018


There are many reasons that you might need to transport a motorcycle. A common reason is of course moving home – if you are relocating to another area, then you might need to pay to have your motorcycle moved along with you (if you don’t fancy getting the train back to ride it to your new home!). Or perhaps you have just bought a new motorcycle and you need someone to deliver it for you? Maybe your motorcycle has been in the shops for repairs. Perhaps you’re unable to ride for whatever reason.

In all these scenarios, you need motorcycle transport. But how much will this cost? And how do you know if you have a good deal?

The Factors

The thing to consider when looking into motorcycle transport, is that the cost is going to vary significantly due to a range of different factors. There is unfortunately no single price.

The biggest influencing factor then is going to be the distance. If a motorcycle has to travel further, then this will take longer for the company and it will use more fuel. Therefore, it will cost you more in order to move it.

Of course, the size of the company also tends to make a difference, and there is some discretion here on the part of the business. A smaller business might charge less in order to drum up custom, but then a larger business might be able to spread its costs and therefore offer more competitive rates.

Think about the different services that the business can offer. Will they also help you get your motorcycle on and off the van/trailer? Is this a door-to-door service? Can they guarantee you a timeslot?

When using cheaper or smaller companies, make sure that they are certified and that they have insurance. Check reviews online and try to get a feel for the amount of experience the company or individual has. This will cover the cost of replacing your precious bike should you need it.

Just as important as the amount is the way the pricing is structured. Flat fee movers mean you know precisely how much you’ll pay, whereas movers that charge by the hour could end up costing you more if there’s heavy traffic. That said, movers that charge by the hour often offer the cheapest options too.

The size of your bike is also likely to have an impact. A larger bike such as a touring bike might need a larger van or trailer and with greater weight, it will also cost more in terms of fuel. Then there is the factor of where you live. Is there parking outside your home?

And what time of day are you planning on moving? Rush hour can also have an impact, especially in a busy city like London. And how far does the motorcycle transport company need to travel in order to get to you?

What to Expect

So, it’s going to be difficult to give an exact price. The key point is to make sure you discuss all these factors and that you compare prices across multiple different services. Don’t be afraid to haggle a little.

But if you did want a very rough starting point as a guide, consider that on average a removals company of any sort might reasonably charge about £2.50 per mile once everything is loaded up. That means that you could be paying about £250 for a 100 mile journey. That’s about £250 for just over an hour, but there are more competitive options out there if you’re willing to look.


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