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How to Transport a Motorcycle

Posted on - Jun 07,2018


If you love your motorcycle, then no doubt you’re going to want to bring it with you when you move home or maybe you just fancy a new bike.

In either case then, you’re going to need to know how to transport your motorcycle from point a to point b. Unfortunately, you can’t just throw your motorcycle on the back seat of your car as you do with your other worldly possessions. So then, how do you go about moving your motorcycle?

In this post, we will look at the answer to that question and also explore how you can go about choosing the best option for your particular situation.

Moving a Motorcycle: Your Options


Of course, your motorcycle is in itself a mode of transport. Therefore, if you are looking to transport your motorcycle somewhere you always have the option to simply ride it! If you’re thinking of going on holiday, then why not take the motorcycle?

Or, if you’re moving home somewhere nearby, then why not just get the train back and then bring your bike?

This won’t be suitable in every scenario of course – if you have a lot of other things to bring and you’re going a long way, this can end up being an expensive waste of time. Likewise, if you’re going overseas, then you may not have this option.

But if you can, ride!

Removals Service

Another good way to move your motorcycle is to hire a removals company. Many removals companies will offer to help transport vehicles – after all this is a service that many people will need! Simply call up and make sure that they’re able to do something with your bike, and then they will likely bring some kind of trailer or large van with a way to secure your vehicle inside. Either way, you’ll now be able to let them worry about the logistics!

Things to Check

When talking to the moving services, they should ask for a description of your belongings – including the bike - and therefore recommend the correct size of van or truck. Make sure they have something big enough to move your items in a single go.

Of course, you need to consider your own budget here! Trust your gut and as long as the reviews are generally positive, you should be absolutely fine!

Keep in mind too that some companies deal specifically with motorcycles. Using a motorcycle transport business is always the preference as they will have the most experience when it comes to moving your prized possession!

Move it Yourself

Failing that, you can always decide to take matters into your own hands and hire a truck, a trailer, or even a large van. This is as simple as hiring a vehicle that is large enough to carry the vehicle, wheeling it into position, and then driving!

Make sure that when you do this, you use the necessary ratchet tie downs (ratchet straps) to secure the bike in place and prevent it from falling over. Do not use bungee straps, as they have too much give. You will also need some sort of ramp in order to get the bike into position (though you can fashion these yourself from a piece of wood if necessary!).

If you plan on taking your motorcycle on holidays regularly, then you may wish to invest in a small trailer that you can attach to your car. Or how about starting up your own motorcycle transport company?


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